Tabet Manufacturing Company, Inc.


Electro-Mechanical Assembly

Tabet has been building products for over 50 years - from the simplest brass box with a single terminal board, to complicated server racks with hundreds of components and fasteners. We have many years of experience as well as a suite of assembly tools that give us the ability to assemble whatever part you are trying to get made. Whether we make the components or if you just want us to assemble parts you provide. We can handle your assembly needs


Through our handling of several government contracts we learned the importance of kitting. Extra detail that we put into our packaging can save tremendous amounts of time for an installation activity or your customer. Whether simply bagging and labeling hardware or sourcing, manufacturing specialty tools we can help you design the most efficient and user friendly installation or assembly kit possible. Through in-depth discussions with our customers, we find out what the installation or assembly function will be when the kit is received and from there we set out to make sure every detail is planned for. We even develop installation instructions and picture diagrams to help during the installation/assembly process.

Panel Building

With years of experience building navy enclosures for lighting, communications and power distribution moving over to commercial panel building was a natural progression. With our UL listed panel shop we build everything from the simplest single button e-stop box to large and complicated system control panel. With 480vac power distribution, PLC controls and electronic monitoring as well as touch screens for operator interface these panels can be very in depth and complicated. We have an experienced crew that can handle any panel requirement. If you are looking for 1 panel or a dozen we can handle your needs.

Cables and Wire Harnesses

With all these cabinets and enclosures building wire harnesses is a must. From simple four wire trailer harnesses to complete engine management harnesses, Tabet does them all. Bare wires or totally enclosed in loom. We even have a partner that provides mold in connectors to our cables and harnesses. Color coding and wire labels are no problem either. Our talented crew can handle your harness needs.