Tabet Manufacturing Company, Inc.


Sheet Metal

Tabet Manufacturing's sheet metal department works with aluminum, steel, stainless steel, copper and brass sheet material on a daily basis. We keep a wide variety of materials in an assortment of thicknesses in stock to better serve our customers. From .03 to over ¼ we can cut the necessary flat pattern, bend your part and weld the final product to produce a wide variety of customer products. We have three CNC press brakes, a 96" wide metal shear, two CNC turret punches and a waterjet to help us make any customer desire a reality. 


Whether a high volume or just one part, our machine shops can handle your task. With four CNC mills and two CNC lathes, we can handle volume production while still maintaining capacity and flexibility to meet any customer requirement. We also have several manual mills and lathes to help round out our suite of equipment. From stainless steel to inconel to gp03, there isn't much we can't machine.


Tabet has three dedicated weld stations in addition to two spot weld machines and a stud welder. Whether aluminum, steel or stainless steel we can weld it. We even have a solder and brazing station for brass and copper.


Powder paint is a proven technology that provides proven consistent finish with outstanding performance in the field. Combine our powder coat abilities with our in-house mil-c-5541 pretreatment for aluminum or iron phosphate for steel and you end up with an extremely durable finish that will last for many years. We can even passivate stainless steel and bright dip brass. Whatever your finish requirement, we can help you out.


While painting a part is important sometimes it is what doesn't get painted that is important, that is why we have the equipment to produce precision masks. Whether large or small, complicated or simple we have the experience in masking all sorts of parts for the painting process. In addition to masking, we also have a full suite of marking capabilities. Whether silkscreen, laser etching or pad printing we can mark your parts in accordance with several military specs. If you have one part or 1000 we can handle your marking requirements. We even do photometal tags and mechanical engraving.


While we use our waterjet to produce complicated flat parts that our sheet metal department bends into amazing structures we also provide waterjet services to many of our customers. Often we cut plastics or fiberglass materials that are difficult or dirty to do with standard tools. We also cut metal materials up to 7" thick to finished dimensions to alleviate the need for secondary machining operations. There are many reasons to use a waterjet to cut your parts. Give us a call and let us see if we can show you how easy a waterjet can make your fabrication job.