Tabet Manufacturing Company, Inc.

Facility Equipment List

Tabet has a full-service sheet metal fabrication shop capable of handling a single prototype or large quantity production runs. From waterjet services to sheet metal and machining, Tabet can do it all. 

Sheetmetal Fabrication Services

Our equipment includes:

  • Flow Dynamic Waterjet 4020B with 87,000psi pump
  • Lodge & Shipley 8 Foot Shear
  • Wiedemann 2000Q CNC Sheet Metal Punch
  • Wiedemann MOTORUM 2044 CNC Sheet Metal Punch
  • Timesaver 137-2HDCMW graining / deburr machine
  • Accupress 175 Ton CNC Press Brake
  • Accupress 100 Ton CNC Press Brake
  • Accupress 60 Ton CNC Press Brake
  • Federal 50 Ton Punch Press
  • Bliss C 45 Ton Punch Press
  • Bliss C 35 Ton Punch Press

Machining Services

Tabet's machine shop has milling and turning capabilities using both CNC and manual equipment as well as surface grinding. Integrating our sheet metal and machining capabilities allows us to create completed assemblies for many customer requirements.

Our equipment includes:

  • (2)-Daewoo 3 Axis Vertical CNC Mill 40" x 20" Bed
  • Daewoo 3 Axis Vertical CNC Mill 30" x 16" Bed
  • Doosan 3 Axis Vertical CNC Mill 30" x 16" Bed
  • Doosan 3 Axis Vertical CNC Mill 55" x 30" Bed
  • Daewoo CNC Lathe with 10" OD x 24" L capacity
  • Hardinge Conquest T42SP Lathe 1-5/8" OD x 13-5/8"L capacity
  • Knuth V-Turn 410 Lathe with 16" OD x 39" L capacity
  • Aliant 3 Axis Vertical CNC Prototype Mill
  • Prototrak 3 Axis Vertical CNC Prototype Mill
  • Multiple Manual Mills & Lathes


Our equipment includes:

  • ProWeld ARC656 Stud Gun (up to 1/2" base)
  • (2) Lincoln Square Wave TIG 355
  • Miller TIG 250
  • Miller Millermatic 252 MIG
  • Lincoln SP170T
  • (2) Sciaky 75kVA spot welder
  • Brass and Copper Brazing/Silver Soldering

Metal Treatment

  • Aluminum Chromate Conversion (Per MIL-C-5541)
  • Steel Pretreatment Iron Phosphate
  • Brass Bright Dip Cleaning
  • Chemical Paint Stripping
  • Sandblasting (glass and plastic shot)
  • Small item/area Silver Plating


Part Finishing

  • Powder Coat Painting (Per MIL-PRF-24712A)
  • Engraved Tags
  • Silk Screening
  • Photo-Metal Plates


  • Sound Test Chamber
  • Multiple Electrical Testing Equipment
  • Printed Circuit Board Design/Fabrication/Testing
  • Automated Wire Cutting
  • Cable Harness Assembly Boards
  • Cable Test Equipment
  • AutoSert AS 7.5 hardware inserter
  • PemSerter PM-4 hardware inserter

Integration/Testing/Kitting Services

Tabet has the capability to integrate the individual components that we manufacturer into completed assemblies. Our assembly group can provide the necessary knowledge and tools for the integration process. Assembly is followed by extensive testing of each item, and then on to packaging. Parts kitting can be customized for each program and can be supported with a Kan-Ban replenishment system.